200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Joogaopettajakoulutus RYT 200
(Koulutus järjestetään englanniksi)

Joogaopettajakoulutus Lahdessa!
Are you ready to become a certified yoga teacher? Our 200 Hour Yoga Alliance program is a deep dive into the many layers of yoga and self. It is a comprehensive training that will give you the tools to create and facilitate inspiring classes in yin yoga, hatha and vinyasa flow, while taking you on an empowering journey of personal growth.

Immerse yourself in practice.  Build a knowledge base of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, but also learn to foster space for embodiment - the present moment experiencing of yourself and the free flow of innate wisdom within.  You will explore a wide range of yogic tools from several traditions, and learn to enrich the transformative potential of your teaching with techniques from positive psychology.  Learn about the history, ideas, and evolution of this great wisdom tradition, and gain confidence in articulating and sharing the teachings of yoga in your own authentic voice. 

Our approach is non-dogmatic.  As you evolve your personal practice and expand your understanding, we invite you to engage with questions like: how does this practice support me to show up fully in my life? What is my biggest vision for the kind of teacher I want to be?  What is the sense of purpose that inspires me?  Our belief is that nobody can share the practice of yoga quite like you.  We are here to give you the tools, foster the skills, and support you in alchemizing it all through your own direct experience into powerful offerings.

The 200 hour training consists of four 50 hour modules, all of which include daily practice, lecture, workshop and practicum.  All modules must be taken in order to complete the 200 hour certification, which allows you to register with Yoga Alliance. Each module may also be taken independently for continuing education hours or according to your own personal interests.  Unlimited access to yogaROCKS studio classes from February 1, 2023 – June 1, 2023 is included in the price when you register for the full training.

In 2023, lead teacher and yogaROCKS founder Leta LaVigne will be joined on the teaching staff by well-known scholar, author, educator and podcast host Matti Rautaniemi, and Eeva Sofia Ratalahti, a long-time yogaROCKS instructor, NLP Trainer and Life Coach.  Please note, the training will in English (please see FAQS below for more detailed information).

MODULE 1: YIN YOGA & the Functional Approach
January 28-29.2023
February 4-5.2023
February 11-12.2023

Teacher: Leta LaVigne

- The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga
- Understanding the benefits of Yin Yoga
- Yin vs. Yang styles of Yoga
- Yin Yoga asanas and variations, including use of props and the wall
- Physical Anatomy for Yoga, including exploration of skeletal variation (how to work with all bodies)
- Sequencing, facilitation and how to theme
- The 8 Limb Path and Introduction to Meditation
- Hands on adjustments and assisted yin yoga

March 11-12.2023
March 18-19.2023
April 1-2.2023

Teachers: Leta LaVigne, Eeva Ratalahti and guest instructors from yogaROCKS teaching staff

- The history, lineage and principles of Vinyasa Flow
- Intensive pratice
- Traditional and creative Sun Salutations
- Functional Anatomy and Physiology for yoga
- Sequencing Methods and Yoga Krama for seamless, intelligent flow
- Teachng a spectrum of "flow" style classes (ex. peak pose oriented, slow flow, specific populations, multilevel classes etc.)
- Teaching Methodology and Facilitation Skills for Vinyasa Flow

MODULE 3: YOGA HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY - The Living Yoga Tradition

April 15-16.2023
April 21-23.2023 (*3 day)
May 6-7.2023

Teachers: Matti Rautaniemi (MTh) and Leta LaVigne

- The Roots of yoga
- The Bhagavadgita
- The Yogasutra
- Tantra and Hatha Yoga
- The birth of modern Yoga: Neohinduism through Physical Culture
- Yoga in the West
- Ethical Leadership & the business of yoga
- Your mission statement and personal yoga niche
- Crafting theme-based classes and workshops

May 20-21.2023
June 3-4.2023
June 10-11.2023

Teachers: Eeva Ratalahti and Leta LaVigne

- Traditional Hatha Yoga techniques (Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra, Kriya) for energy cultivation
- Meditation
- Energetic Anatomy
- Anatomy of Breathing
- NLP based tools for self-exploration, self-empowerment and transformation of limiting beliefs
- The power of language and the teacher’s voice
- How to entwine coaching into your classes


Leta LaVigne (ERYT 500/YACEP)
Leta LaVigne is a Seattle native and founder of yogaROCKS studios in Lahti. She has been teaching full time since 2008 and intuitively draws from a variety of traditions to craft classes that range from deep and meditative to firey and hot.  Leta has studied extensively with Paul Grilley (yin yoga founder) and is one of Finland’s senior yin teachers. In recent years she credits Tara Judelle and the school of Embodied Flow TM for enriching her practice and teaching with a somatic dimension. Leta has been educating yoga teachers in Finland and Estonia since 2015.  You can connect with Leta through her facebook page or find her on Instagram @Leta_LaVigne

Matti Rautaniemi (MTh)
Matti Rautaniemi is an independent researcher on the history and philosophy of yoga. Matti has studied and practiced yoga since 2005 and graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2010. His book Joogan historia was the first book on the history of yoga in Finnish. Since its original publication in 2015, the book has become standard reading in many yoga teacher trainings in Finland. Currently Matti works as a freelance teacher, author and translator. He also co-hosts Maailmanpuu podcast. You can read more about Matti and his work at

Eeva Sofia Ratalahti
Eeva Sofia Ratalahti is a yoga teacher, NLP Life Coach and Trainer.  A former professional dancer and lifelong movement enthusiast, she has been a core member of the yogaROCKS teaching team since 2011.  Eeva is a certified Prana Flow teacher and has trained in the hatha yoga style of Rod Stryker. Neuro Linguistic Programing has been life-changing both personally and professionally for Eeva, and she now shares these powerful tools with individuals and corporate groups.  Eeva also maintains a zen meditation practice and spends time in nature to feed her spirit.  You can read more about Eeva Sofian Jooga and her work at


3875€ (24% ALV incl.)
Early bird price 3675€ paid in full by 31.8.2022
The full 200 hour training price includes: 4 x 50 hour modules, manual, and 4 months of unlimited classes at both yogaROCKS studios from February 1, 2023 – June 1, 2023 (arvo 500€).
The above price does not include required books, meals or accommodation. If you have previously attended a yin module, subtract your yin payment from the total.

*refund/cancellation policy in the FAQS below

Apply to
Please share your yoga background (how long you’ve been practicing, what kind of yoga etc.) and any other relevant education or experience (for example


Who can apply for the 200 hour training?
Applicants should have a minimum of 1 year dedicated yoga practice.

What is the daily timetable?
The daily hours are 9:30-17:30

What is the cancellation policy?
With the current COVID situation, we are all having to be flexible. If the training is cancelled all or in part, or rescheduled, for example due to force majeure conditions imposed by the epidemic, you may choose to be refunded in full for all unattended modules or to attend the same module/s with us at a future date.If you cancel more than 1 month before the start date of the training, you are entitled to a full refund minus a 50€ administration fee.If you cancel less than 1 month before the start of the training (for reason other than illness with doctor's certification) the fees are non-refundable but you may attend the same module/s you have paid for in the future.If you become ill during one of the modules and cannot attend part of the training, we will ensure that you can make up the hours in order to complete the program.

Can I pay the training in parts?
Yes, we are flexible – you can divide the payments up however you like as long as payment is made in full before the start date of the 200 hours.  If you need more time, please reach out to Leta individually to create a payment schedule.

I’m not sure about the language.  Do I need to teach in English?
While the main language of the training is English, the majority of participants in yogaROCKS’s trainings in the past have been Finnish speaking.  You do not need to teach in English.  All practicum can be done in Finnish or English.  Homework can be completed in Finnish or English.  Discussion and questions can come in Finnish or English.  When it is necessary, there is usually someone who can translate.  Although facilitators Matti Rautaniemi and Eeva Ratalahti will be teaching in English for this course, they are native Finnish speakers and can clarify in Finnish if necessary. Leta LaVigne does understand a good degree of Finnish as well. 

If I have previously taken part in 50 hours of yin yoga teacher training with you and now I want to complete the rest of the 200 hours, is that possible?
Yes.  If you have previously taken the 50 hour course with us, you can take the other 3 modules to complete the 200 hour certification.  To calculate the price, simply subtract the amount that you paid previously for your 50 hour program from the 200 hour training price.  If you completed the 50 hours of yin previously and want to take it again along with the other 3 modules, contact Leta to ask about the discount for repeating.

What if I’m only interested in Yin Yoga or Vinyasa Flow?
Do your research and choose a training that resonates with you and will support your desired outcomes.  That being said – there is SO MUCH VALUE and learning in all of these modules that translates to teaching in general.  If you are a vinyasa flow teacher, the yin module is going to give you a basic and necessary understanding of anatomy so that whatever pose, whether eka pada galvasana or a yin half saddle, you are able to break the asana down in terms of the actions at each joint segment.  This in turn is going to greatly assist you in sequencing intelligently in more dynamic classes.  Yin is going to give you all the juicy, restorative and relaxing bits and the ability to communicate with a softer energy that will also valuable in a well balanced flow class.  If you are thinking that you only want to teach yin yoga, certainly the hatha and history modules are very relevant to you, but consider also that “vinyasa” yoga can be offered many different ways and having a comfort level with guiding dynamic movement can only be an asset – it may be that the vinyasa module challenges you physically in terms of the intensity of the practice, but as always stepping on your mat is an exercise in meeting yourself as you are – you can meet the practice at your own speed.  In essence, we consider all of this to be valuable education for a well-rounded teacher that only extends the possibilities for you in terms of what you can go out and teach.

If I only take one module, am I certified to teach?  For example, if I only take the 50 hour yin yoga module, can I start teaching yin yoga?
Technically there is no certification that can "allow" you to teach yoga or yin yoga.  There is nothing to stop you from teaching now. Yoga, Yin yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow … these are not registered trademarks and depending where you are in the world, “certification” and what type of certification you have may be more or less important to employers.

200 hour certification is a standard created by Yoga Alliance for their first tier of registry. The "R" stands for registered, which means someone has completed a training with a school that meets certain standards  (and is registered with Yoga Alliance – like yogaROCKS) and then that individual pays dues to register themselves with Yoga Alliance. If you complete the whole 200 hour program with us, you can then register yourself with Yoga Alliance.  Our 200 hour certification is an accepted base standard for yoga teachers that is accepted internationally.

Content-wise you will learn everything you need in the 50 hour yin module to start teaching yin. The training is thorough.  You also receive a certificate of participation that details what you’ve studied.  These 50 hours can also be counted as required annual continuing education hours if you happen to already pay registration dues with Yoga Alliance. Whether an employer will require more than the 50 hour certificate or 200 hour registration to start teaching, we cannot say.  Only share that at our studio (operating 10+ years in Finland) we are primarily interested in someone's ability rather than credentials and have hired teachers who have only been through our 50 hour training.  Much depends on an individual’s background … how long have you been practicing yoga? Do you have experience standing in front and holding the space? 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact

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