New! Yoga for Climbers

New Yoga for Climbers class every  Thursday from 17:30-18:45!

Yoga is offered in climbing gyms around the world because it is fantastic cross-training for climbers. Seriously,climbing puts  intense stress on your body...
lats become overdeveloped, shoulders pull forward, neck gets strained, hamstrings are tight....
if you want to balance your body, increase flexibility, improve your agility, prevent injury and boost your climbing performance, you should give yoga a try! And hey, bonus -- stress relief!

What can you expect? Lots of dynamic stretching, balance and core work, some fun challenges and lot of juicy opening for forearms, chest, and all the areas climbers tend to get tight. We are not too serious :-P!
No experience necessary,
all are welcome!


  • Climbing members can use the free classes that come with 4kk membership (1 free class per month) or 12kk membership (2 free classes per month) *note these free classes can be used for ANY class at yogaROCKS, not only yoga for climbers!
  • 5xcard 35euro. valid only for this class, valid 4kk, available only to people who have a current climbing membership, 10x climbing card, or unlimited climbing pass (including the boulder intro package)
  • With Kiipeily kertamaksu (on the same day), kertamaksu yoga for climbers is 8 euros (eg. 10e kiipeily + 8e yoga)
  • kertamaksu yoga only is the normal yogaclass price 17e/12e (all other normal yoga cards and memberships can also be used).

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