7 Days with Bianca Fearon

Take your practice to new heights with this unique opportunity to study with Bianca Fearon in Finland, January 23-29 2017!

Bianca is a masterful teacher who teaches both 200 and 500 hour trainings for the famed Yoga Works organization. Since a very young age, she has been exposed to many 'Yoga Traditions' -- she learned how to move with ease from early exposure to 'Alexander Technique,' how to tap into subtle energy through Kundalini Yoga, how to be dynamically strong through Ashtanga and Vinyasa, how to see energy lines from in-depth Iyenger study, and how to be still and 'be the witness' through Meditation and Yin Yoga. She has studied extensively with many senior teachers including Maty Ezraty, Anni Carpenter, Sarah Powers, and Paul and Suzee Grilley to name a few. She teaches with both anatomical precision AND a functional approach, a combination not that easy to find in the yoga world. And although she can float into handstands (and is extremely skillful at breaking down advanced poses into their parts in order to direct students how to get there one day), she remains grounded in the philosophy of yoga.

She earned absolutely rave reviews from all who attended her workshops last year at yogaROCKS, and we are thrilled to be hosting her again! All levels of practitioners are welcome (and are guaranteed to learn something :-)). Teachers will find so much rich material to take away and share with their students.

During the week intensive, expect strong, fun, sweaty, nurturing and centering practices. You will work deeply in clinics to explore your own physiology, learning to see your practice from a Functional View, as Bianca address Structural Variations and their Functional implications. Using biomechanics along with an understanding of functional range of motion, the group will look
at the relationship of skeleton and myofascial tissue, learning how to tailor poses to individual bodies and needs creating a sustainable wise effort on the mat.

For a more detailed breakdown of daily themes, read on below.

+ 7 days intensive study (Monday 23.1 - Suday 29.1, 10:00-15:30)
+ 5 evening classes, (Tues. 24.1, Wed. 25.1, Thurs. 26.1, Friday 27.1, Saturday 28.1 from 18:00-19:20)
+ yin & restorative masterclass (Sunday 29.1, 18:00-20:00)
100e non refundable deposit to save space.
Pay deposit or entire 7 DAY package now:

Saturday 28.1, 10:00-15:30 + 18-19:20
Sunday 29.1, 10:00 -15.30 + 18-20:00 (Yin Masterclass)
reservation is confirmed with payment.
Pay 2 day package now:

Sunday 29.1.2017, 18:00-20:00
*discount for students/studio members
Reservations will be accepted at asiakaspalvelu@yogarocks.fi, through yogaROCKS facebook messenger, at yogaROCKS front desk or by telephone +358 400308307 as of January 1, as space allows.

SINGLE CLASS (as space allows) 25€ / 20€*
Monday - Friday 10:00-11:15
Tuesday - Saturday 18-19:20
*discounted price students / studio members
Reservations will be accepted at asiakaspalvelu@yogarocks.fi, through yogaROCKS facebook messenger, at yogaROCKS front desk, or by telephone +358 400308307 as of January 1, as space allows.


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We lay the Groundwork for Flight - We study:

· Platforms
· Alignment of the standing poses
· Anatomical Focus within form

This workshop will set the tone for all the workshops to follow. We will discuss and discover planes of movement. Using classical Standing Poses for strength and flexibility to imprint for Flight.

Expect classical standing poses dissected with use of props, modifications and functional variations.

DAY 2: JANUARY 24th, 2017-- TRANSITION SLOW (Why The Knees?)

We will learn the difference between Movement Vs Action – What is Vinyasa?

· Wise Biomechanical Approaches to Vinyasa
· Knowledge of how to turn the smaller muscle groups

This strong all levels vinyasa workshop will build on foundational vinyasa standing poses and transitions, expect to move slow and build heat and stamina, focus and strength as we progress into increasingly complex and a creative peak pose. This is a dynamic alignment practice giving reverse to the entrance and exits of each pose. Come ready to feel your muscles shake!

DAY 3: JANUARY 25th, 2017 Range of Motion in Forward Bends (The Hips)

Within this session we will focus on opening the hips through the standing poses and forward bends, we progressively delve deeper into fascial resistances whilst honoring the body’s deepest range within its natural range.

· Standing Forward bends
· Balancing poses
· deep seated forward bends
· hip openers and twists.

DAY 4: JANUARY 26th, 2017 -- THE MIDDLE ROAD (The Trunk: spinal Extension Vs Spinal Flexion)

We will look at poses where spinal extension is explored.

· Standing poses emphasizes backbends
· Backbend Exploration and the component parts in shoulder flexion and extension
· The Role of the Hip Flexors
· The importance of Dolphin prep

DAY 5: JANUARY 27th, (The SCLAVICLE, Humerus and Wrists)
Functional Shoulder Girdle" A workshop on anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder. In this workshop will discuss how the shoulder works in relation to asana and what dynamic stabilizing around joint entails. Students will learn how consistently approach the inversion Blue Prints, Plank and Chaturanga with wise awareness.

· shoulder stabilization exploration with blocks
· Classical Inversions, Sirsana A and B explored
· How to stabilize in Handstand - Platforms


An intense practice where we will move into breaking down staple Arm Balances and learning how to fly, Demystify advance poses in this strong all levels workshop

· Deep floor abdominal exercises,
· Advance variables in Plank, Side Plank & Chaturanga
· Navasana breakthroughs
We will be cracking the codes exploring deep hip openings within standing poses moving deeper into Deconstructing Classical Arm-balancing like.. Lolasana, Kakasana, Bakasana, Parsva Bakasana Eka Pada Galavasana, Eka Pada Koundinyasana II, Visvamitrasana, Eka Hasta Bhujasana into Astavakrasana


Expect focused work on standing poses leading to Flight, wall exploration with handstand variables with straps/blocks whilst lifting up, piking up and pressing safely into Handstand. Beginner to Advanced variations will be explored of all Inversions and Arm Balances covered. We will progress from wall to PARTNER WORK Assisting students in handstand in the center of the room trusting the many stages within flight.

YIN MASTERCLASS: Designed to release tension - Props will be used passively giving all participants and opportunity to unwind and digest the weekend intense.

Evening Sessions REFINE & Align Vinyasa: Make it your class! imprinting new neuromuscular pathways.

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