Covid 19 update 23.11.20

The Päijät-Häme Welfare Association suggested new COVID guidelines 23.11 in response to a growing number of cases in the Lahti area.  We've spoken to representatives from the welfare association and the Lahti Aluehallintovirasto to ensure that we understand the new suggestions correctly and can implement responsible protocols while continuing to offer you the safest possible opportunities to train.  In addition to all our previous recommendations, please note the following updates:

  • MASK USE-  Please use a mask while climbing.  If you can, wear a mask while practicing yoga.  We are not requiring mask use in hot classes, but we are recommending it for all who can in milder classes, and masks should be worn in the dressing and waiting areas.
  • CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS: Parents of children in climbing or yoga programs – please drop your child at the door and wait off-site. 
  • GET IN Do your thing GET OUT .... For everyone, as much as we love to socialize, for now please train and go. 
  • CONTINUE to practice good hand hygiene and stay home if you have been exposed or are experiencing even mild symptoms.
  • LIMITED STUDIO CLASS SIZE: As of tomorrow, yoga class sizes will be reduced with strict adherence to an increased distance between practitioners.  It is worthwhile to note that we have very good air circulation in all our spaces.  Also note that due to this change we will need to cut some reservations from a few classes later this week.  Any cancellations will be made in the order registrations were made (i.e. later sign-ups will be the first cancelled).  Hopefully you have selected to receive notifications about schedule changes in your mobile app.
  • BUY YOUR OWN MAT. We are temporarily discontinuing yoga prop use with the exception of barres & hammocks.
    With limited spaces in yoga classes, we kindly ask you to be mindful about reservations. If unable to attend a class you have reserved, please make sure you cancel before the 6 hour late cancellation window.
    We also encourage you to take advantage of our online classes. Online classes can be found on the regular class schedule.  You may participate live at the scheduled time, or access the recording any time over the next 7 days.  These online classes are FREE for our yoga members, otherwise 5€ per class.  If you have a 10x card and would like to trade some or all of your visits for online classes, we will happily set this up for you (2 online classes per 1 in person visit) – just send an email to letting us know how many classes you want to trade.  Note! You need to sign up for online classes just like a regular class – otherwise you will not be sent the live stream link or the recording.  Live stream links are sent out 30-60 minutes before the class. Recordings are sent out within the next 24 hours following a class. We will be adding more zoom classes back in the coming week.
  • CLIMBERS – In addition to wearing a mask, please ensure that you are keeping 2 meters safety distance at all times.


Finland has done a really good job keeping the virus in check compared to so many other places.  Let’s all do our part now and try to get through this together. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and most of all for your continued support of a small local business in this challenging period.

Be well friends <3 Leta and Antti

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