Spring Haaste

Join us for a month of yoga, meditation and wellbeing!
Every spring for the past 10 years we've been doing a #40päivänhaaste at the studio. This year, the epidemic means we can't --- but it feels more important than ever to connect with one another in the ways that we can, to take care of ourselves, and to support one another through this difficult period.
Join the challenge:
<3 raise your vibration
<3 calm your mind
<3 nourish your spirit
<3 gain strength and mobility
<3 connect with online community
How does it work? You do yoga every day, at least a little!
The challenge runs from 13.4 - 13.5.2020.
If you currently have no online access, purchase the challenge ticket through the link below and every few days during the challenge period you will receive an email with links to live-stream classes, and precorded classes. Classes range in length from 20-90 minutes, and many different styles of classes are on offer.
You will also receive an email invitation to the private challenge facebook group - where teachers will be checking in regularly, and where the community can share.
Purchase the 37€ 1kk challenge pass here.
If you are able and really want to support yogaROCKS during this period when we've had to close due to the epidemic - think about this option-- The challenge is also included in our 85€ 1kk premium online pass-- which can be purchased here.
Already have online access with us? This challenge is free for our regular yogaROCKS' members and included for those who have purchased our Premium Online Access.
However, whatever membership or online pass you have, it should cover the entire challenge period (so for example if you previously signed up for 1kk premium online access and your month expires the 20th of April, you can purchse either another month of premium access, or the challenge pass listed above. Your access will continue for the entire next month period, even beyond the end of the challenge in this case).
We'll be doing prizes a little differently this year --- you're on the honor system about your actual practice <3
We will be giving away:
1 manduka mat towel
1 kk gold yoga pass
1 10x gold card
You enter to possibly win by taking the challenge, then tagging yogaROCKS @yogarocks on instagram, or yogaROCKS Lahti on facebook during the challenge.
We'll notify the winners 14.5.2020
What if the physical studio re-opens before the challenge ends?


We'll still keep the online challenge going, and add a potential upgrade to join in studio if it becomes possible <3
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