Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to deepen and share your passion for yoga?  Our trainings and immersions are here to inspire the evolution of your own yoga journey, help you launch a successful yoga-teaching career and advance your professional development!


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200 HOUR RYT  - Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Our original 200 Hour Yoga Alliance program is a deep dive into the many layers of yoga -- a comprehensive training that will prepare you with all the fundamentals to teach both yin yoga and "yang" yoga (hatha/vinyasa flow), as you develop your own powerful and unique voice.  *** FREE INFO SESSION **** Saturday, January 18, 2020, klo 14:00 (approximately 90 min) at yogaROCKS Aleksanterinkatu 1 (register here or by contacting Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.) Come and take a free class with Leta, learn about our program, and get all your questions answered about teacher training!

200-hour teacher training curriculum includes:

  • Study of foundational yoga postures
  • Principles of anatomy and how they apply to the practice of yoga
  • Skeletal variation -- learn to see and work with a variety of bodies
  • The science and art of sequencing a class
  • Teaching and practicing from a functional approach
  • Finding your voice and teaching from a heartfelt place
  • Confidence through practice teaching
  • Hands on adjustments and Assisted Yin Yoga
  • Yoga history and philosophy
  • An introduction to the subtle body, pranayama and meditation
  • Beyond basic instruction -- how to theme, teach people instead of poses, and cue to different levels of awareness
  • Basic business for yoga and how to articulate your passion and purpose

What Makes YogaROCKS 200 Hour Teacher Training Unique?

  • Multidimensional: Our program gives you a diversity of teaching tools and modalities instead of limiting you to one particular style or sequence.  This widens the range of possibilities for you as a facilitator, and deepens your understanding and experience of the range of transformative benefits of yoga practice.
  • Learn to truly facilitate: You will not be memorizing and reciting rules and sequences. Instead, we emphasize thorough understanding of the foundations and mastery of basic teaching skills, so that you can successfully create your own classes and offer informed, intelligent, skillful and safe instruction from a place of presence and confidence.
  • Find Yourself: Our mission is to help you identify and develop your own style, so you can grow your career from a deep sense of clarity about your unique strengths and purpose.
  • Small Group Size:  We maintain small group sizes so that each individual is truly supported and a real community is developed.  These small group sizes also allow for a strong practicum element, so that each teacher gets to teach multiple yoga classes throughout the training.

Full course details and upcoming 200 RYT dates

NEW 200 HOUR Yin Yoga only Yoga Alliance Training coming in 2020!


Learn to teach Yin Yoga with this 35 Hour Yoga Alliance continuing education program!

50-hour teacher training includes:

  • The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga
  • Understanding the practical benefits of Yin Yoga
  • The difference between Yin and Yang styles of Yoga
  • All key Yin Yoga asanas and variations, including use of props and the wall
  • Physical Anatomy for Yin Yoga, including exploration of skeletal variation
  • Introduction to Energetic Anatomy for yin yoga including Modern Meridian Theory
  • Considerations for sequencing and facilitation
  • Cultivating Mindfulness in Yin Yoga
  • Hands on adjustments and assisted yin yoga
  • Confidence through practice teaching
  • A certificate of completion

Full course details and upcoming dates for 50 Hour Yin Yoga TT