Yin jooga opettajakoulutus (Yin Yoga Teacher Training)

Upcoming events:

  • 20 Hour Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release Teacher Training, 13.1-15.1.2023

  • Foundational 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Foundations : The Functional Approach to Yin Yoga) 3 weekends/50 hours in Lahti: January 28-29.2023, February 4-5.2023 & February 11-12.2023

yin jooga teacher training

Learn to teach the profound practice of yin yoga with this 50 Hour Yoga Alliance program facilitated by Leta LaVigne of yogaROCKS.

• The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga
• Yoga asanas and variations, including use of props and the wall
• Physical Anatomy, including exploration of skeletal variation
• Energetic Anatomy
• Sequencing, facilitation and how to theme
• Teaching Practicum
• Yoga Philosophy: The 8 Limb Path and Introduction to Meditation
• Hands on adjustments and assisted yin yoga
• A certificate of completion
• 50 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance or 50 hours applied to yogaROCKS 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification Program
This foundational training will teach you to safely and effectively guide students in the practice of yin yoga. We will explore the archetypal pose families in depth --- learning to analyze what is going on in terms of muscles and joints in each pose, and, importantly, in each individual's body. We will also explore beyond the physical to energetic theories and to the level of mind and emotions, learning to take a personalized, mindful and holistic approach to the practice.
Leta LaVigne (E-RYT 500) is the founder of yogaROCKS studios in Lahti and one of Finland's senior yin yoga teachers. She has been a full time yoga teacher since 2008 and has immersed herself in the practice and teaching of yin yoga since 2010.  Leta has been greatly influenced by studies with Yin Yoga pioneer Paul Grilley, with whom she has studied regularly with for over a decade. As a devoted Grilley student, she teaches yin with a functional approach rather than relying on alignment rules based on how a pose should look. A functional approach stresses the “why” as much as the “how,” and encourages students to customize their practice for their unique body. It builds confidence in the individual to proceed on the yogic path verified by their own experience, and acts as a platform from which a teacher can facilitate greater presence/awareness, healing and peace. As an experienced teacher trainer who still teaches full time herself, Leta infuses her trainings with humor, warmth, and a wealth of practical experience.  She has a love of helping new teachers identify and develop their unique strengths.
Who is this training for?
This program is open to anyone who wishes to dive deeper into the practice and offering of yin yoga....current teachers who wish to broaden their skill set (yes! this program can be counted as Yoga Alliance continuing education hours) or dedicated practitioners who want "more" but may not be sure about teaching yet.
This 50 hour module is also a requirement for yogaROCKS 200 hour certification program -- For more information about the 200 hour program, contact Leta or read here.

50 hour Yin Module INVESTMENT: 1250€ (sis 24% ALV).  early bird price 1150€ (paid by August 1, 2022)

To apply please contact Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.
Previous students have said:
"Hyvät ystävät - jos harkitsette Yin-joogan syventävää koulutusta, suosittelen tosi lämpimästi Leta-An LaVignen funktionaalisen lähestymistavan kurssia. Hinta-laatusuhde on huikea ja kurssin anti on 100% käyttökelpoista opetuksessa. Olen tosi tyytyväinen."
- Nina Pyykkönen
"I loved everything! The down-to-earthness about functionality yet keeping in mind that yoga is yoga and not just fashionable streching. Leta has so much experience and a way of verbalizing it to get to the core of the essentials. It was amazing to have such a well constructed course and proper manual, all put together for us. On a meta level, it was good to learn about teaching, too: Leta really knows how to teach, both yoga and yoga teachers! The atmosphere and rapport was so welcoming and warm that a real sense of belonging, trust and companionship was quickly established - it was good we took time for the introductions and mixed up the teaching groups for everybody to interact with each other. I have experienced trainings that have not felt like value for money (outside of the yoga scene as well), but this course had the sense of added value, which is quite unique these days. And that stems from Leta's personal skills and spirit!"
- Katja Heikkiläinen
"Letan yinjoogan opettajakoulutus on aivan huippu ja sopi juuri minun tarpeisiini ammatillista lisäkoulutusta kaivanneena opettajana. 
Kurssi oli aikataulultaan sopivan tiivis, mutta kaikki olennainen käytiin läpi havainnollistavien esimerkkien ja tehtävien kautta. Erityisesti pidin käytännönläheisestä otteesta yinin opettamiseen ja tosielämän opetustilanteisiin. Koulutuksessa oli mukana riittävästi joogan yleistä teoriaa, asentojen anatomiaa ja yinjoogan toimintaperiaatteita helposti sisäistettävällä tavalla. Pääpaino oli kuitenkin käytännön harjoitteissa ja  tätä arvostin todella paljon. Opetusmanuaali sisältää paljon asiaa, johon voi myöhemminkin tarpeen tullen palata. Leta luo ympärilleen avoimen, kannustavan ja välittömän ilmapiirin, jossa kaikkien on helppo keskustella ja olla omia itsejään. Yhteishenki oli mahtava! Suosittelen lämpimästi tätä koulutusta kaikille yinjoogasta kiinnostuneille harjoittelijoille ja opettajille! Tästä sai todella hyvät eväät arkipäivän opetustilanteisiin, ammattitaidon kehittämiseen ja tuntisisältöjen suunnitteluun!"
- Teija Maila
"I recommend this training. A full-on five hearts! It provides you with a useful method on how to approach Yin Yoga as a whole, which I found to be priceless timewise and focus-wise as the diverse information out there can feel a bit overwhelming to get a grip on. The training also sparked my enthusiasm to learn more, to dive into the books and other sources that were recommended. The training encouraged to embrace our differences and to find comfort to start exploring ways to bring authenticity into the practice. Leta is such a sweet and thoughtful teacher. She is really considerate in her languaging. A true artist in the way she uses words. She inspires me to be more skillful and mindful in how I communicate. Her constructive feedback feels like it's a realization of your own and which you want to remember next time. The training welcomes you as you are, it helps you to open up and to further explore the aspects of who you truly are. Thank you."
- Jaana Ritari
"Leta is a very approachable and happy person, who is always eager to assist. Leta is a student of Paul Grilley's, so the line to the source of Yin Yoga is a straight one. This also means there is a lot of anatomy and physiology involved, and it is all directly applied to Yin Yoga. It is a very pragmatic package and helps understanding the whole concept of Yin Yoga and how it affects the human body. Much of the time is spent learning that, but there is also a segment about the more esoteric aspects of any Yoga, including chakras, which makes this training very complete and all-rounded. The class structure is well-defined with certain key components to be included about every asana, which makes teaching Yin Yoga very logical and whole." 
- Mika Perkiömäki M.Ed in Exercise Science

COVID - 19 / Cancellation Policy:
If this event is cancelled due to conditions imposed by the epdemic, you may choose to be refunded in full or to attend the a 50 hour training in the future.
If you cancel (for reason other than illness) more than 3 weeks before the start date of the training, you are entitled to a full refund minus a 50€ administration fee.
If you cancel less than 3 weeks before the start of the training (for reason other than illness) the fees are non refundable but you may attend a future 50 hour training.
If you become ill and cannot attend part of the training, we will ensure that you can make up the hours in order to complete the program.

yin jooga and myofascial release

Myofascial release (MFR) and yin yoga are both powerful techniques that when combined intelligently, become an even more potent practice of self-healing.  This training is for yin yoga teachers and practitioners who want to learn myofascial release techniques that can be used independently or in combination with yin yoga postures to ease soft tissue pain and emotional stress, improve circulation and mobility, and support overall health.

In this 20 hour training you will:

• Experience the profoundly relaxing practice of yin yoga with myofascial release
• Deepen your understanding of fascia and “fascial fitness”
• Learn about trigger points
• Learn MFR and self-massage techniques for the entire body using a variety of balls and tools
• Review theory and practice of yin yoga
• Learn how to combine yin yoga & MFR into an integrative mind-body practice
• Explore empowering strategies for facilitation that elicit mindful presence

Training dates:
Friday 13.1.2023, klo 16:00-20.00
Saturday 14.1.2023 klo 9:30-17:30
Sunday 15.1.2023 klo 9:30-17:00
Location: Lahti, Finland (at one of yogaROCKS’s locations)
Price: 650€ sis. 24% ALV
Early bird price 575€ sis 24% ALV, paid in full by 1.10.2022
This price includes a manual and your own kit of balls to use and take home.

Your spot in the training is confirmed via payment.  BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE.  Questions can be sent to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

Facilitator:This training is facilitated by yogaROCKS founder Leta LaVigne, ERYT-500, YACEP

yin and tcm

Yin yoga, as taught in the Paul Grilley lineage, weaves together complimentary perpectives of Indian yoga, Western science and Daoist wisdom.

Are you a yoga teacher looking to develop your knowledge, to learn new skills and modalities to incorporate in your facilitation of wellness? This training is for those who wish to explore and integrate the holistic model of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. Come and enrich your teaching while learning to apply these healing principles to your life!

Next Traditional Garden of Qi - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga Training Dates: coming soon 2022

Price: 1285 / early bird 1150€

Training Topics:
- Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
- Daoist Wisdom: Yin/Yang Philosophy & the Spiritual Roots of
- Chinese Medicine
- Five Element Theory
- The 3 Treasures & 4 Vital Substances
- Theory of Qi
- Channel Theory, Meridian Pathways & Meridian Clock
- Hand and Foot Meridian Points
- Organ Health & The TCM Visceral System
- Emotions
- Meridian Tracing, Palpation & Massage
- Teaching Yin Yoga through the lens of TCM
- Chi cultivation and Sensing/Moving Subtle energy
- A Certificate of Completion, 50 hours Yoga Alliance

With a 50 hour training, obviously the idea is not to master Chinese Medicine, but to learn key ideas with practical application to the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. Let's inspire our own and other’s well being with the timeless wisdom of this great tradition!

Please note the training language is English (but Ann Rose speaks both languages fluently and will translate into finnish as necessary).

To apply, please contact Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

Ann Rose is an acupuncturist, massage therapist and qigong-instructor. She has a background in journalism and the martial arts of taido and aikido. As a healer she is interested in the body and mind connection and spirituality. She believes we are all part of one, there is more to life than meets the eye and that a sense of humour is essential to everything." Visit her website:

Leta LaVigne (ERYT- 500, YACEP) is a Seattle native and founder of yogaROCKS studios in Lahti. She has immersed herself in the practice and teaching of yin yoga since 2010, and has studied regularly with Paul Grilley (yin yoga founder) for over a decade. One of Finland's senior yin yoga teachers, Leta is an experienced teacher trainer known for her warm and inclusive style.

Visit Leta's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yogawithletalavigne/


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